JTA became part of an Employee Ownership Trust (EOT) on 21 March 2022 when 100% of the shareholding of parent company Jon Tibbs Associates (Holdings) Limited was sold to JTA Trustees Limited, as trustee of the JTA Employee Ownership Trust, putting the future of the business firmly in the hands of its employees. 

The EOT provides indirect share ownership for employees of the JTA group of companies. JTA Trustees Limited is currently represented by four directors: a Founder Trustee Director, Jon Tibbs; two Employee Directors, Managing Director Sevi Townsend and Senior Consultant Sarah Lamplough; and an Independent Director/Chair Nick Brooker.

Nick Brooker

Nick Brooker was appointed to the role of Independent Director/Chair due to his extensive business experience. He spent most of his career in banking and, in particular, the last 20 years in corporate banking, working closely with owner-managed and mid-corporate SMEs. Whilst managing the branch of Swedish bank Handelsbanken in Sevenoaks, Kent, UK, Nick was also a Director of the Sevenoaks District Chamber of Commerce and was its Chair for two and half years, stepping down in March 2021.

What is an EOT and what are the benefits?

An EOT is a particular form of trust for the benefit of employees. For many business owners looking for a succession solution, as for JTA, it has a number of attractions: it enables those who have contributed to the success of the business to take over its ownership; it creates a strong platform for continued growth and success; and employees can receive income tax-free bonuses.

Employee owned businesses share the rewards of everyone’s input with the employees and so unify everyone into one team. This unity of purpose ensures clients and stakeholders all receive a first-class service. Our success is the direct result of our collective experience, capability and unrelenting commitment to our clients. 

Our commitment

JTA is committed to ensuring all employees truly understand the benefits of the EOT, and to show this commitment we have become a member of the Employee Ownership Association (EOA).

The EOA supports businesses to explore and progress their employee ownership, helping to unlock the potential of employees, their business and the business’s contribution to the economy. They advocate on behalf of their members to promote employee ownership and its benefits.

As well as providing support, the EOA also provides a platform for members to network with peers in the employee ownership sector, share experiences and learn best practice through events, training and the online community.

We provide new JTA Trustee Directors with the training opportunities available with the EOA to develop their understanding and effectiveness of being a Trustee Director. 

"Being employed by an EOT has given me a sense of empowerment and job security. By becoming an EOT, the likelihood of the company being sold to another firm or investor is reduced, limiting the risk of redundancies. I also feel there is a greater opportunity for my voice to be heard and my opinions to matter more in company-wide decisions. We all understand that our efforts and hard work are of benefit not just to the company but personally as well.”

Viv Harding
Finance Manager

“Since JTA moved to an Employee Ownership Trust model, we've experienced a positive transformation in our workplace culture. As a member of the JTA team, I now feel an even deeper connection to our work and a genuine sense of partnership in the company's success. This transition to employee ownership has not only boosted our team's morale but has also enhanced our commitment to delivering exceptional service for our clients. I'm proud to be part of a company that truly values and invests in its employees.”

Megan Munro
Senior Consultant