The Challenge

To announce the FIVB’s partnership with CVC Capital Partners and the groundbreaking launch of Volleyball World.

Stepping outside the box and driving innovation is often not the easiest path to take, but it is a concept that the FIVB has embraced under the leadership of FIVB President Dr Ary S. Graça F°. In 2021, the FIVB announced one of its greatest ever innovations – its partnership with CVC Capital Partners and the creation of Volleyball World, a commercial arm aimed at driving growth, innovation and investment in volleyball around the globe. Two years on and this partnership has already started to transform volleyball, elevating the sport to even greater heights.

The challenge, therefore, was to simply and effectively communicate both the joint partnership and the launch of Volleyball World to a global audience across key markets during the COVID-19 pandemic, ultimately ensuring that the passion from both parties driving this partnership, and the benefits to the sport and its stakeholders, were effectively communicated.

Our Strategy

Build the perfect virtual media office.

JTA created a virtual media office using the best-in-class freelancers in markets such as China, Japan, Türkiye, Germany and France, while utilising in-house resources to distribute across the UK, USA and Poland. In addition, JTA leveraged its extensive network to secure coverage in transnational media and global newswires. Through the FIVB’s Corporate Communications Department, the virtual media office was further bolstered by leveraging the press officers of National Federations, as well as the CVC offices.

The Outcome

Translated into 4 languages; 88 articles generated globally; coverage across 9 key markets.

Extensive coverage was generated across nine key markets, placing the creation of Volleyball World in the spotlight and highlighting the benefits to the sport and its stakeholders. The news attracted global attention, resulting in the creation of 88 articles and generating widespread impact and reach.

Now, the FIVB and Volleyball World have proven that they are the perfect match, working hand-in-hand to support the growth of volleyball globally. This partnership has allowed Volleyball World to really step in and drive a consumer-centric platform, thereby unlocking the ability for the FIVB to be a truly dynamic governing body.