The Challenge

Development of the Strategic Agenda for the European Olympic Committees up to 2030.

Over recent years there has been a drive throughout the sports movement to become more professional and ensure organisations are following good governance principles. The European Olympic Committees (EOC) was also focused on this important remit and, in 2021, the EOC Executive Committee proposed an initiative to create a Strategic Agenda to 2030, to help shape the future direction of European sport, acting as a roadmap for sporting success in an ever-changing environment.

To ensure a complete and robust baseline, all European National Olympic Committees (NOCs) would need to be fully engaged with the process and their valuable perspectives captured.


Our Strategy

Conduct a comprehensive consultation to establish the position of the 50 European NOCs, using the data to highlight the key priority areas and produce recommendations.

Under the leadership of a working group led by Executive Committee member Djordje Visacki, JTA mapped out the process and timeline to develop a comprehensive Strategic Agenda 2030.

The first phase of the project was a thorough NOC consultation, which generated key findings and insights, thanks to a survey of and interviews with all 50 NOCs.

The results of the survey and interviews were compiled into a 53-page report, covering the EOC’s vision and mission; governance and organisational structure; EOC sports events; support for NOCs; and the EOC’s relationships with key stakeholders.

The results of the NOC consultation were presented to the EOC General Assembly in June 2021. The EOC working group then established follow-up consultations with the EOC Executive Committee, the IOC and EOC Commissions to translate the insights from the NOCs into a strategic document.

Further input from the NOCs was provided during working sessions at the EOC Seminar in November 2021, before the finalisation of the strategy.


The Outcome

Approval of the EOC Strategic Agenda 2030.

Strategic Agenda 2030 was created by JTA’s in-house resources with the support of virtual agency resources.

Strategic Agenda 2030 is closely aligned to Olympic Agenda 2020+5 and outlines six key strategic priorities. The comprehensive document aims to drive the long-term delivery of elite sport in Europe and provide NOCs with full support.