World Aquatics

The Challenge

JTA was tasked by FINA to help deliver the global launch of the International Federation’s rebrand as it moved towards a wholesale revision of its identity. As part of the approach, JTA supported FINA in developing its brand architecture as it became World Aquatics, and widely publicised the changes once adopted.  

Our Strategy

For the brand relaunch itself, JTA developed an international media strategy that distributed and amplified content across multiple channels, maximising reach and engagement in the international sports business community and beyond.

The strategy served the following objectives:

  • Introduce the new brand identity and explain what it means for the global aquatics community.
  • Reinforce how the rebrand is part of the leadership’s bold vision for aquatic sports.
  • Outline the benefits for potential commercial partnerships and a revitalised digital strategy.
  • Position the organisation as one that is dynamic, engaging, global, fair and open.

JTA facilitated one-on-one interview opportunities with international broadcast media, international news agencies and international sports business media, including BBC World,  AdWeek and Sports Business Journal.

JTA developed press materials to resonate with key business-to-business media, featuring the organisation’s new vision, “A world united by water for health, life and sport,” which was crafted with World Aquatics during the brand architecture phase. In addition, JTA teamed up with a third-party agency to secure extensive exposure of branded video content in key markets around the world.

The Outcome

In the first week of the global launch of World Aquatic’s new brand identity, JTA generated 590+ articles globally, with 7.9 million estimated views.  

JTA secured TV exposure in over 21 markets globally, including Latin America, Sub-Saharan Africa, Australia, China and Europe. The exposure included some of the most established media outlets in the industry, such as CCTV/CGTN, Sky News Australia and SuperSport.