The Winning Way

The Winning Way

In international sport the game has changed.

It is more competitive, challenging and demanding than ever before.

It is a world in which every action, every statement, every deal and every decision is subject to intense scrutiny and where competing interests and ambitions continually vie for share of voice and share of mind.

To succeed in this politically challenging, culturally complex world you need to be heard, understood and listened to. It all adds up to influence and that’s JTA territory.

For nearly 20 years we have been helping stakeholders in international sport to achieve their goals by navigating paths through the complex eco-system of regulation and relationships, building brands and protecting the reputations of governing bodies and clubs, athletes and the companies which sponsor sport.

We devise and deliver consistent, structured and creative strategies which help our clients flourish amid these new realities and ensure that, when they have something to say, the world of sport listens, understands and approves.

That’s why our clients succeed.

We call it The Winning Way.