What we do

Because no two clients are alike, every JTA programme and project is unique.

Each demands a different strategic and creative response and each draws on different skills and resources to deliver success.

We deliver results by drawing from a tool box of services.

From strategy development through interactive workshops to executive training and crisis management, media relations, design and publishing, JTA’s highly mobile, multilingual staff deliver specialist services wherever and whenever they are called upon.

But while the range of services deployed changes from project to project, one thing remains constant: our unswerving focus on achieving results.

Underlying everything we do is a results-focused operational cycle, which ensures that progress is monitored against objectives at every step. This allows strategy to be fine-tuned and adjusted to changing circumstances to ensure positive outcomes every time.

We are all about winning and that’s The Winning Way.


1. Communications
Strategic Planning

JTA develops strategies that achieve specific goals, using an approach built on an understanding of our clients, their objectives, the journey to be travelled and the barriers to success.

Using a range of tools and techniques as well as our unsurpassed knowledge of the sports sector, we will plot a course from any given starting point to fulfilment of goals and targets, managing and monitoring progress at every stage.

Our approach is inclusive and collaborative, often involving specially devised workshops for clients and external stakeholders.

Together with a comprehensive brand audit, this provides the information and insight required to devise strategies that deliver winning outcomes.

Crisis Management

International sport is a complex and often confusing environment, which operates under increasingly intense scrutiny from the media and regulatory authorities.


It is an environment in which the risk of unintended reputational damage is always present.


JTA specialises in preparing, enabling and equipping clients to deal with negative issues and crisis situations that may arise, by identifying and assessing risk and putting in place the training and procedures necessary to deliver appropriate and effective responses that limit damage and accelerate recovery.


Our service includes crisis strategy development, training of key personnel and real-time crisis management exercises.

Media Relations

The role and influence of the media in sport should not be underestimated and JTA has worked tirelessly to build positive, proactive relationships with key international media organisations to open communications channels for our clients.

We work closely with the most appropriate media to ensure that key messages are delivered to the right audiences in the most persuasive and effective way possible.

We achieve this because we understand how the media and individual journalists work, and set out to help them.

This is achieved in a variety of ways including providing access to a wealth of news, comment and opinion as well as creating and managing appropriate interview opportunities across all media platforms.

Naturally all media activities are closely monitored and evaluated in order to continue to assess impact and refine strategy.

Our media services include comprehensive interview training for clients and their spokespeople.

Campaigning for Office

Over the years we have helped many individuals and organisations win elections to prominent positions in political office in sport.

Our role goes well beyond helping candidates form, articulate and communicate their key messages.   We understand the art and science of effective campaigning and are proud of our ability to access and analyse intelligence, which forms the backbone of truly persuasive programmes.

2. Brand Building and Design Services
Brand Building

Every organisation and every individual can be seen as a brand. Each has unique characteristics and is perceived in different ways by different audiences.


But not all perceptions are positive.


JTA develops strategies to build, grow and safeguard positive brands in sport, whether they are governing bodies, clubs or sponsor corporations.


Our work creates not just simple awareness but understanding, empathy and engagement with client brands. We create strong and eloquent brand voices that generate appeal and influence, which contributes to achieving goals.


Great design helps produce great brands and  JTA Design – a Jon Tibbs Associates (Holdings) Limited company – is a specialist in sports design, which plays a key role in our programmes by creating outstanding visual impact from logos to fresh brand concepts, and across the entire range of printed and digital collateral.


3. International Relations
International Political Relations

International political relations (IPR) is the art of building one-to-one relationships and strategic alliances that help clients influence decision-making at the highest level.


We have close relationships, forged on time and trust, with some of the most influential figures in the sports world. This, combined with a 360 degree understanding of the international sports world, means that we are the leading international political relations consultancy in sport.


We help clients understand and then develop an IPR strategy that will help them achieve their business objectives, supporting and advising on the implementation of the strategy and accompanying the client with tried and tested IPR systems and processes.